Find and select contacts quickly and easily

ContaStick is a a radical new Phone Book application which dramatically increases the ease and speed of selecting a contact from your address book. This is done with just 3 or 4 movements of the joystick on average. And then it is just a matter of one more flick of the joystick and you are calling, texting or emailing them.

ContaStick features:

  • Able to be activated from within any application (not just the Standby and Menu screens)
  • As well as rapid dialling and initiation of messages it also provides rapid access to standard Contacts records
  • Completely Theme compatible
  • Provides a choice of text size
  • Automatically loads and indexes your address book and reloads on any changes
  • Based on the same patented technology as KeyStick
  • All aspects of the application are covered by on-screen help

A novel way of selecting contacts with your phone's joystick.



ContaStick 1.2.3